Woodstock Ferrets by John based in Stockbridge, Hampshire

My son and I have been breeding and working ferrets for many years and our strains are reliable workers and very playful and friendly so they make fantastic pets.

We have Polecat, Albino and Sandy jills that we will be mating with Dai, our large Albino Hob and Mitch, an unrelated Polecat Male. This year’s kits were absolutely beautiful and have all now been reserved.

We reared five litters this year and they were all reserved within two weeks!

Our kits are well handled following a procedure we have developed over the years to produce the most friendly ferrets you can imagine.

Please message me if you are looking for a pet or a working ferret and if you have a colour preference as we occasionally take in rescues and may have ferrets available before next season.

If you'd like to get in touch please call me on 07833 497366.

Thanks, John